Swat Valley Tourism Information

The Valley Swat, also known as Swat Valley, is located in Pakistan and features tons of great attractions and areas for tourists to visit. In fact, Swat Valley Tourism is known the world over for being so very well established and hospitable. Travelers thinking about paying a visit to Valley Swat should definitely take the time to check out our guide to Swat Valley Tourism.

One of the must-see spots on the Swat Valley Tourism list is Daral Lake. Located in the heart of the Valley Swat, Daral Lake can be found to the northeast of the Sidgai Lake. A long, winding trail leads to the lake and is almost as popular with tourists as the lake itself. Along the trail, travelers will be treated to breathtaking mountain scenery and glimpses of the majestic river sellouts. This is the perfect destination for any lover of nature. Other great lakes to visit while in the area include Spin Khwar Lake, Bashigram Lake, Kundal Lake, and Pari Lake.

As if majestic lakes aren't reason enough to check out the Valley Swat, there is still more to Swat Valley Tourism. The Mahudan Valley, for example, is a wonderful place to visit. The lovely valley is located to the north of Kalam. It is a popular destination both for tourists hoping to take in the scenery and for trout fishermen who gather to work in the valley. A small automobile is taken to reach the low valley and passengers can take in the scenery along the way. Hamlets, swat river, and many other beautiful natural wonders mark the path to the valley.

Yet another great place to visit in Valley Swat is Ghabral Valley. This valley is actually a small town in itself and is home to approximately 3,200 locals. Ghabral is a great central location since it is close to other Swat Valley Tourism sites, including the Chitral District, Utror Valley, Upper Dir district, Bhan Valley, Mahodand Valley, and Kalam. Here, people can learn about the rich herbal medications manufactured in the area or can even go on a special tour and collect some herbs of their own.

Obviously, Swat Valley is an amazing place to visit, no matter what a person's interests or desires. There are art museums, beautiful architecture, and lots of other amazing things to take in about this quirky little area. Other places to visit include Utror, Usho, Kalam, Bahrain, Madyan, Miandam, Malam Jabba, and also the Swat Museum. There's so much to see that potential tourists are encouraged to start planning their trips several weeks or months in advance. It will take at least this long to work out a sufficient schedule so that nothing about this amazing place is missed out on.